[Sca-cooks] OT/OOP Exercises in Surrealism, Holiday Edition

Kingstaste kingstaste at comcast.net
Thu Nov 26 07:48:15 PST 2009

Adamantius came to the table with:
Fresh Cape Cod cranberries (exactly 27% white cranberries 73% red) are
distilled for their essential oils and used to flavor rare aged berry
aquavit to which sodium alginate has been added. Small globs of this mixture
are introduced by guys in white lab coats (or possibly hazmat suits?) into
centrifuge vials of calcium chloride solution and spun, resulting in perfect
zero-gravity gelled spheres of concentrated cranberry flavor that taste a
hundred times more like a cranberry than any cranberry ever seen on the
planet*... serve in a festive Petrie dish...

To which I will add: 
Turkey breast, fully cooked in a sous vide, then freeze dried and pulverized
into a savory powder.  One tablespoon of this powder will be added to a
Chinese soup spoon and topped with a pale green sage and parsley flavored
foam and garnished with a sprinkling of dried mushroom flakes.  Served as
one lighter-than-air bite that melts in your mouth, creating the sensation
of a complete turkey dinner as the aromas feed your senses, if not your
stomach. ;)

Mmm, foams.  :)

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