[Sca-cooks] OOP: Brown Sugar Question

Martha Sieting osermart at msu.edu
Thu Nov 26 13:11:16 PST 2009

Turkey Day Salutations!

I'm avoiding the whole Ferran Adria issue because I like food I can actually chew and swallow, not just let the foamy essence dissolve on my tongue and go up the back of my nose...

I keep looking for a good DARK molasses cookie recipe - the kind that are soft and chewy, crackled on top and dark mahogany in color.  The new Penzey's catalog that just came has a nice-sounding molasses cookie in it, but it uses white sugar.  Can I just substitute the equivalent amount of dark brown sugar or is there some specified conversion (1 c white sugar = 3/4 c dark brown or some such)?

Alternatively, does anyone have a dark molasses cookie they'd be willing to share?

Many thanks!


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