[Sca-cooks] Leonhart Rauwolf 1582

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sat Nov 28 13:48:31 PST 2009

The travelogue of Leonhart Rauwolf, published first in 1582, is online here:


Some notes on plants and food on page 71 ss. I didn't find maize there however. It may be mentioned in other places I did not read so far.

In 1583, there was a second edition, which, as far as I can see at the  BSB website, will be be available there soon:


This edition includes a fourth chapter ("Der Vierte Thail") with the depictions of plants, no maize however.

I guess the passage on maize quoted by Bear and on the internet 


is to be found somewhere within the travelogue. The website I just mentioned refers to these books:

Karl H. Dannenfeldt (1968) Leonhard Rauwolf, Sixteenth Century
Physician, Botanist, and Traveler. Harvard University Press, Cambridge,
Massachusetts, USA, pg 230

Alfred Crosby (1972) The Columbian Exchange, Biological Consequences of 1492. Greenwood, Westport, Connecticut, USA



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