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<<< There are several passages on  the food and the "provision" of the  

What do we know about: "The food of 16th century sailors"?

Any suggestions?

E. >>>

This book was just mentioned on the Lochac list. I asked to see the  
review and maybe add it to the Florilegium, but I haven't heard back,  

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Subject: [Lochac] book a medieval seamen
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  Ward, Robin. "The World of the Medieval Shipmaster: Law, Business,
and the Sea, c. 1350-1450". The Boydell Press: Woodbridge, 2009.
Pp. x, 260. $95, ?50. ISBN: 9781843834557.

  review available on request

A bit early, but I tend to study within the SCA time period. I've also  
heard of quite an amount of material from the Mary Rose.

There are bits and pieces in the Florilegium including some info in  
this file:
ships-msg        (126K)  1/24/08    Ships and shipbuilding. Sailor's  

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