[Sca-cooks] maize and cubits

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Sun Nov 29 18:41:06 PST 2009

Jefferys is one of the prime movers in the Diffusionist camp.  I've gone 
over his evidence for Pre-Columbian maize in the Old World and while he 
makes an interesting case, the evidence is primarily derived from his 
interpretation of Indian art.  He ducks questions of alternative 
interpretation and artistic style.  It is an argument worth considering, but 
noit very convincing.  The paper is meant to support Diffusionist theory and 
is a little iffy, so it is controversial academically.


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In the bibliography section of the Oxford Companion to Food, there is this 
listing, which I think needs to be found and read:

Jeffreys, M.D.W. (1975) 'Pre-Columbian Maize in the Old World', in Margaret 
L. Arnott (ed.) "Gastronomy", The Hague: Mouton.

In the article on maize in the Oxford Companion to Food, it specifically 
cites this article but also calls it controversial.


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