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On 29 Nov 2009, at 11:30 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:

> Do you [Judith/D'vorah] have a last name yet, as well? I'm not really a
name herald, so I don't remember all the requirements, but I thought both a
first and last name were required.

I haven't picked my fictitious father's given name yet, but I have some
ideas in mind. First I wanted to know if D'vorah would work, so that I can
pick a father's name that sounds harmonious with it, or at least, a name
that doesn't clash. I'm deciding between giving him a Hebrew name, an Arabic
translation of a Hebrew name, or just a popular name that a non-Jewish Arab
would use.
If the name is truly what you want but you can't seem to find a last name
and you want to register (remember, there is no hurry) you can go the back
up route by using your SCA location and thus D'vorah of Treegirtsea (sp?)
but when you find the byname you want you will have to pay again. Which
reminds me that you can use a locative name or profession/descriptive name.
ex: D'vorah of Damascus, D'vorah the merchant or D'vorah the blue eyed. You
can have the last names in Hebrew, I typed them in english as I don't know
Anyway, If you are in Treegirtsea you probably have access to some good
heralds who can help you with finding names and getting the stuff put
Again, congratulations on finding a name and good fortune with finding the

Delis Alms
Fiordelisia Dragano da Parma
Arian verch Gwydion
Felyse d'Avalon

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