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<<<D'vorah is the most direct transliteration I'm comfortable with using. It
takes the emphasis away from the shvah (schwa?) which is often represented
by the E and then given primary syllabic emphasis in the English speaking
world, for one thing; for another, it gives the correct sound to what, in
Hebrew, is the second letter, the letter Bet, which is often rendered as B
(the Bet can be a B sound or a V sound, but in this name it's a V).>>>>>

What you have written here should be sent with your documentation, it will
help the heralds understand a bit more about Jewish names and possibly help
towards getting it passed.
Heralds in general do not know all naming practices.

I agree that one should not assume that naming practices of a group in one
area is practiced in other areas but until there is more information found
it is all they have. Well not quite, if you look at the other
"nationalities" you may find Jewish names in those areas. For example in the
Northern Italian names they have a "sample of Jewish names in Milan 1540 -
Central Italian names
Names of 15th-early 17th C Italian Jewish Men,by Aryanhwy merch Catmael
Names of Jewish merchants living in Italian-held cities in Turkey and
Again this is assuming that you only looked through the Jewish name section
of the site. If you have looked through all of the site then ignore the

Someone posted that heralds were stuffy, this is not really true. They have
rules to follow, one being that they try to help you get the most SCA period
name possible. There is some flexability, like you can use an element from
your mundane name. ex: Judith or Epstein.
Sorry to add to your Gabby list recs., I guess the word has gotten out about


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