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What a brilliant idea! Definitely something I'd consider putting a bid in 
on, if I had a snowball's chance of ever going to Pennsic! I'm sure it will 
be amazing!

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> Sorry for the bandwidth but:
> I thought that the cooks of the world may be interested in promoting this 
> event.  This is a unique opportunity to eat and drink in a fashion never 
> before seen at War, and the cooks taking part in this represent the top 
> culinary talent of the midrealm.  Yes it looks expensive compared to the 
> cost of a standard feast, but this is not going to be a standard feast. 
> Think 4 star restaurant, $200 a person isn't that much to pay. The wider 
> the publicity on this the more likely we are to receive higher bids. If 
> you feel comfortable posting this to your kingdoms egroup we would be most 
> grateful.
> Helewyse
> an embodiment of the Dream in food, drink and dance
> To
> support a Midrealm warrior, Lord William Rane, Squire to Duke Sir
> Eliahu Ben Itzhak, of Haus Kriegstrum, to help him cover the medical
> bills incurred at Pennsic War while defending the Crown.
> We
> the below named Master Cooks, before God and King, pledge to devise the
> most sumptuous period banquet at the upcoming Pennsic War or a mutually
> agreed upon date and location, for 12 guests based on the time period,
> location and genre of your choosing- of 5 courses to include all
> appropriate dishes, beverages, aperitifs and cordials, We pledge that
> we will bring to bear our talents, abilities, resources and dependants
> to create an evening of gustatory pleasure unlike anything seen before.
> For details visit The Dream Dinner (go to 
> http://www.medievalcookery.com/dreamdinner/)

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