[Sca-cooks] goldmine in google books

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This was published on MK Cooks but failed to make
SCA Cooks so I'll repost it here with some additional notes:

Il trinciante by Vincenzo Cervio 1593

The Zambrini is Il libro della cucina del sec. XIV: testo di lingua  
non mai fin qui stampato
Volume 40 of Scelta di curiosità letterarie inedite o rare dal secolo  
XIII al XIX . 1863
 From a ms. in the library of the University of Bologna (Misc. 158)
Thomas Gloning notes that Faccioli in Arte della Cucina Volume I says  
that he relies basically on the 19th c. edition of Zambrini with some  
slight changes for the text of the
Anonimo Toscano, Libro della cocina (Ms. late 14th or early 15th c.)

And there's
B. Platinae Cremonensis, De honesta uoluptate, de ratione uictus, &  
modo ... By Platina

You can search these by going to the advanced search in Google Books.  
Check full view
and then in the subject box put in "Cookery Italian" . This also works  
for other nationalities.
Le Menagier de Paris and Le Viandier show up under "cookery French."

Under gastronomy you can find the 1588 De triclinio romano
  By Pedro Chacón, Fulvio Orsini.

Search under table and you can find the EETS volumes for
The Babees' Book
The Boke of Nurture

Anyway searching for things is certainly a way to while away the hours.


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> Subject: [mk-cooks] goldmine in google books
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> Have you looked in google books lately?
> I don't know when these became available but so far this morning I  
> have found:
> Search by Messisbugo - two different versions of the Libro novo, one  
> version of Banchetti
> Search by Bartolomeo Scappi - You get Opera (in Italian).
> Search by Francesco Zambrini - you get a copy of the anonymous  
> tuscan (I think)
> Search by Lodovico Frati - you get a copy of the anonymous venetian
> search by Girolamo Ruscelli - you get a book of secrets.
> Not to mention you can find dialect dictionaries, Italian  
> dictionaries.
> OK their search engine sucks my will to live, I'd rather go through  
> world cat, but I figure if we all grab our bibliographies and wish  
> lists of books we'd like to see and search with either author or  
> title names we may manage to pull up a whole bunch of books we  
> didn't even know were there.
> Helewyse
> geeked beyond belief
> ps these are ALL in full book view, not limited preview

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