[Sca-cooks] Weckerin recipe for 'Erdäpfel'

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> > I'm helping a friend of a friend do research, and he
> found a reference to a recipe for 'Erdäpfel' (earth apples,
> possibly, but probably not potatoes) in the cookbook of Anna
> Weckerin. My problem is, I have a facsimile of the 1598
> edition and i can't seem to find it. I may simply have
> missed it, but I'm not convinced, especially since Weckerin
> went through multiple editions. So, does anyone here know a)
> where recipe is supposed to appear or, even better, which
> edition it first surfaces in and where it can be found?
> Rumpolt Ein New Kochbuch has a recipe for "Erdäpfel", I'm
> not sure about Anna Weckerin.

I've found that one - I'm not sold on the idea it's potatoes, but at least it culinarily could be. But the Weckerin one is the one that's proving elusive. We've had a discussion on that a while ago (it's in the florilegium) that sufggested a later edition might have cribbed it, but I'm hoping someone might have gained more insight than we had back when.




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