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Sun Oct 4 18:11:52 PDT 2009

Sabra replied to me saying:
<<< Funny you should mention the pie shells... I am actually doing an  
study of pies and pie crusts over the winter season because my  
crusts were absolutely gorgeous and I want to be as good as her.  Kinda
wanting to carry on a family tradition.

This week's pie- Apple! >>>

We've had some good discussions here in the past on heirloom and  
period apples. Sometime I going to remember at the right time, and see  
about ordering some of the apple varieties which are period, so I can  
compare them to the, rather lackluster, ones I can get in my local  
grocery. Hey, but grocery ones do look nice...

At the risk of overwhelming you with yet more files, here are some on  
the subject of apples in the FOOD-FRUITS section of the Florilegium:
apples-msg       (114K)  6/17/09  Period apples and apple recipes.
Hst-U-o-Aples-art (24K)  1/21/06  "The Historical Uses of Apples"
                                      by Mistress Andrea MacIntyre.

I've mentioned this one before, but with vegans in mind. If you want  
to try some period recipes as well as your grandmother's recipes,  
there are a number in this file.
fruit-pies-msg    (68K) 10/10/08  Period fruit pies. Recipes. Baking  

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