[Sca-cooks] OT OOP: Hot Chocolate Mix

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 8 12:06:04 PDT 2009

The one thing to keep in mind with serving for children is that their 
taste is not necessarily your taste.  Swiss Miss is perfectly 
serviceable for those whose taste buds have not been accustomed to 
stronger flavors.  I know you favor the mighty roasted coffees, and this 
product probably seems insipid to you.  But they will be happy, trust 
me.  Spare yourself any more unnecessary work, you have magic to do with 
the period cooks later.

What I like about Swiss Miss is that their diet versions use sucrolose 
instead of aspartame, but that's not necessarily an issue with kids.


lilinah at earthlink.net wrote:
> This is way off topic, but...
> I'm the Minister of Sciences for the Principality of the Mists. The 
> Arts Minister and i are currently trying to raise money to buy a new 
> pavilion for Mists A&S. We're planning to have fundraising breakfasts 
> Sat 17 and Sun 18 at Mists Fall Coronet.
> We're not serving period food :-( We will be serving pancakes (not the 
> period kind), some sort of meat on Saturday; and just boiled eggs and 
> purchased breakfast pastry or bagels on Sunday. Both days we'll offer 
> hot beverages - coffee and hot water for tea.
> I'd like to have hot chocolate for kids, but i *detest* Swiss Miss 
> (gag, gag). Is there some other relatively inexpensive hot 
> chocolate/hot cocoa mix that isn't so nasty? The advantage of Swiss 
> Miss is that it comes in *portion control* packages.
> There's a massive get together of cooks to make period food with each 
> other on Saturday, and i can barely rouse any volunteers to help us. 
> So i really can't spare someone to supervise "loose" cocoa powder.
> Any suggestions? Or am i stuck serving Swiss Miss?

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