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Thu Oct 8 23:58:53 PDT 2009

I had similar problems trying to understand this recipe- and others that 
mentioned Quidony- or condomacke. After I gave up, somehow I came across 
this site that gives a lot more information, including showing molds and 

I believe that the alternative is correct, the process is similar to 
making marmalade-as in the Florigerium (sp) files-  the recipe creates a 
thick jelly like paste that is formed and kept in boxes.



David Friedman wrote:
> I've been experimenting with the quinces from our tree, and decided 
> this evening to try a quince paste recipe-"To make condomacke of 
> quinces" from Dawson's _Good Husswife's Jewel_. The recipe tells you 
> to peel, core and cut up your quinces, then boil them in a mixture of 
> wine and water "until they bee tender." After which:
> My initial assumption was that you were straining out the liquid, then 
> sweetening and cooking down the semi-solid quince mush that remained. 
> But it's hard to fit that with "til it be so thicke that a drop will 
> stand upon a dish," since a drop of the mush will stand upon a dish 
> even before you cook it down.
> That suggests an alternative interpretation--that it is the liquid, 
> not the solid, that you sweeten and cook down, relying on the pectin 
> from the quince cooked in it to eventually jell it.

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