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The London art of cookery, and housekeeper's complete assistant

  By John Farley

Quince Wine.

TAKE twenty large quinces, gathered when they be dry and full ripe.  
Wipe them clean with a coarfe cloth, and grate them with a large grate  
or rafp as near the cores as you can; but do not touch the cores. Boil  
a gallon of fpring-water, throw in your quinces, and let them boil  
foftly about a quarter of an hour. Then strain them well into an  
earthen pan on two pounds of double-refined fugar. Pare the peel off  
two large lemons, throw them in, and fqueeze the juice through a  
fieve. Stir it about till it be very cool, and then toaft a thin bit  
of bread very brown, rub a little yeft on it, and let the whole ftand  
clofe covered twenty-four hours. Then take out the toaft and lemon,  
put the wine in a cafk, keep it three months, and then bottle it. If  
you make a twenty gallon cafk, let it ftand fix months before you  
bottle it; and remember, when you ftrain your quinces, to wring them  
hard in a coarfe cloth."

It's up on Google Books in the  Edition: 4 - 1787. page 364


On Oct 14, 2009, at 7:11 PM, Mark S. Harris wrote:

> Can someone post the recipe for this quince wine from this "Farley's  
> Art of London Cookery"? When was this printed?

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