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Mon Oct 19 12:20:50 PDT 2009

Well, i'm not much of a bread eater. But i used to keep a bag in the 
freezer, and i'd throw in heels of loaves and slices that were 
getting dry-ish. There's be all sorts of bread from unbleached white 
to whole grain to black "Russian" rye. Then when it was time to stuff 
a bird i'd have interesting stuffing.

For smaller medieval dishes, i buy a loaf of ok, but not the best 
artisanal. Never sandwich bread. I'll dry it in the oven, then break 
it up and put it in the food processor, and pick out the larger lumps.

For a feast, it really depends on how much prep i'm doing ahead of 
time and what quantity of bread crumbs i need.

Sometimes i make my own. Most often i buy "sweet" sourdough by 
Columbo (a local San Francisco large commercial bakery). It's OK, but 
not really good, and it's fine for crumbs. For personal use i only 
buy artisanal loaves from real bakeries, none of those fake 
"artisanal" loaves made in supermarkets.

Sometimes i buy crumbs. Definitely avoid the pre-seasoned kind :-0

The type of bread one uses will make a different in the flavor.
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