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> Sorry...I buy whole dates and then process them until ...well until they are 
> a homogenous mixture and then I add everything else. Plus I use melted 
> butter.
> Bertie

At last, someone else who uses the butter option!  


In my early days of sca cooking I made this recipe for a 'snack foods' cooking competition.  I bought a box of dates (good and sticky).  For whatever reason at the time, I used fresh bread crumbs and I used sesame oil for the first test batch.  I ground the nuts and bread in batches, then the dates and added the other ingredients to complete the grinding/mixing.  The mixture held together well but was 'oily' and the oil overpowered the other flavors so I did it again with butter and loved it.  I used superfine sugar for the coating and still feel it works better than regular sugar but avoids the sticky coating you would get with powdered sugar.


I know that these were made to keep for long periods of time as food for travelers and the dry bread crumbs and drier dates would all help prevent spoiling, BUT today, they are made for eating now and the moister versions of dates and crumbs make them so much nicer.  They still keep well.    I've eaten a version made with the really dry ingredients and it wasn't enjoyable at all.


As to the competition, I had hoped to find a 'salty' snack as the competition was to be run with the brewing competition, but ended up with a sweet one, think beer nuts.  One other entry also included hais, but I took home the silver spoon that day.


Katira al-Maghrebiyya


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