[Sca-cooks] OT: Pairing food with beer

Judith Epstein judith at ipstenu.org
Wed Oct 21 08:01:28 PDT 2009

>> On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 10:44 AM, Judith Epstein <judith at ipstenu.org>
>>> wrote:
>>> [snip]
>>>> http://www.merchantduvin.com/pages/5_breweries/samsmith_stingo.html
>>>> I've been asked to bring a dish to the meal that will complement  
>>>> the
>>>> flavor
>>>> of the beer...[snip]

On 21 Oct 2009, at 9:56 AM, Susan Lin wrote:

> I bought a cookbook that was recently discussed here where  
> everything is
> made with almond flour.  Maybe you could check back a couple months  
> and see
> if you can find the name, which I can't remember.
> But, rich = cheesecake to me!  We make one for passover so no flour.
> Shoshanna

That does sound delicious, and yes, that was my second thought (right  
after "ooh, strong hard cheese and some fresh grapes!"), but because  
the birthday celebration will be a Shabbat dinner, it's a meat meal.  
No dairy ingredients allowed.

I did just have the thought of making my Moroccan date-balls. I grind  
dates, prunes, currants, sometimes sultanas, cherries, sesame seeds, a  
little pomegranate juice, and almond flour or ground almonds, till  
it's just one huge sticky mess. Then I roll it into balls. On very  
rare occasions, I may dip the top into some chocolate just for a  
little swirly Hershey Kiss type effect, but I doubt it'll be really  
necessary this time. I think Sh'maryahu's wife will probably be making  
lamb shoulder that week, since Sh'mar loves lamb so much.

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