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Judith asked:
<<< I've been asked to bring a dish to the meal that will complement the
flavor of the beer, but I've never tasted it. I'm thinking dessert;
and because my friend's wife and two of his children have Celiac
disease, the dessert should be gluten-free, and also dairy-free. >>>


<<< The thing is, Sh'maryahu likes to serve his alcohols (beers,  
for dessert rather than with the meal. There've got to be some strong,
deep desserts that would work. >>>

So, how about a dessert *made* with this beer? Can you get some more  
of this beer or something similar? And I think this would meet your  
other restrictions with a wise choice of pie shell.


 From this file in the FOOD section of the Florilegium:
beer-in-food-msg  (32K)  2/ 9/08    Period recipes with beer or ale in  

Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 10:09:25 -0500
From: "Nick Sasso" <Njs at mccalla.com>
Subject: SC - Beer/Ale recipe. . . Flathonys

This is a glorious recipe for a custard pie made with ale.  We served  
it as
part of a feast this last weekend and was received exceedingly well.
Cariadoc also has a good version in his cookbook that can be found on- 
at   http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/cariadoc/desserts.html#19.

(Two 15th Century Cookery Books: Harleian MS. 279)

Flathonys.  Take mylke, and yolks of egges and ale, and draw hem  
thorgh a
straynour, with white sugur or black; and melt faire butter, and put  
salt, and make faire coffyns, and put hem into a Nowne till flei be a  
hard; flen take a pile, and a dish fastened there-on, and fill fle  
therewith of the seid stuffs and late hem bake while.  And Ven take  
hem oute
and serue hem forthe, and caste Sugur ynough on hem.

5 egg yolks   3 Tbl melted butter
2/3 c. cream   pinch salt
*  c. ale    pastry shell (or coffin1)
1/3 c. sugar   sugar to sprinkle on top.

Prepare pastry/pie shell before beginning custard.

Beat lightly the egg yolks, add milk and ale and whisk together till  
Add sugar, melted butter and salt.  Combine and add to shell.  Bake at  
30 minutes until set and crust golden.

1Coffins were very tough, almost inedible crusts made of flour and  
They were intended, it seems to be a holder for the filling rather  
than a
part of the consumed tart.

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 13:19:56 -0800
From: david friedman <ddfr at best.com>
Subject: Re: SC - Recipe Request

Leanna of Sparrowhaven asked for beer recipes; here are a couple, both  
c. English:

Two Fifteenth Century Cookery Books p. 73/68

Take mylke, and yolkes of egges, and ale, and drawe hem thorgh a  
with white sugur or blak; And melt faire butter, and put thereto salt,  
make faire coffyns, and put hem into a Nowne til thei be a litull hard;
then take a pile, and a dissh fastned there-on, and fill the coffyns
therewith of the seid stuffe and late hem bake a while. And then take  
oute, and serue hem forthe, and caste Sugur ynogh on hem. [end of  

1/2 c milk      1/3 c ale       4 T butter
4 egg yolks     1/4 c sugar     1 t salt

Bake a pie shell. Beat together milk, egg yolks, ale, sugar. Melt  
add salt, beat into the liquid, trying to keep the butter from  
out (the hard part). Pour into the pie shell, bake at 350° about 20-30
minutes. Sprinkle on sugar (about 1 T) after the flathon is reasonably

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