[Sca-cooks] ISO Serbian cooking references

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Thu Oct 22 19:51:07 PDT 2009

Prior to the 5th Century, when the White Serbs moved into the Balkans and 
pushed north, the area was the Roman province of Illyricum (originally 
conquered by Roman in the late 3rd Century BCE).  It was an important 
province, so the cooking would have been largely Roman.  The area was 
technically under the control of Byzantium, but was largely disputed 
territory.  A Serbian state first appears in the 9th Century.  By the 
mid-11th Centruy, the Serbian state is firmly established under the control 
of Byzantium.  The Nemanjic Dynasty ruled the country from about 1150 to 
1371.  In 1389, the Ottoman Turks began major incursions into the region and 
the Serbian kingdom ceased to exist in 1459 with the Turks fully in control 
of Serbia.

The period that probably is most of interest is likely the Nemjanic Dynasty. 
You might check out these two web sites as a starting point:




> Hello,
> One of our locals is interested in researching cooking from the
> Serbian area in period. If you could help me out, I would appreciate
> it.
> Thanks!
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