[Sca-cooks] Looking ahead to Turkeytime

David Walddon david at vastrepast.com
Sun Oct 25 20:18:08 PDT 2009

I have roasted. 
I have brined. 
I have steamed. 
I have BBQed. 
And I have deep fried.

And by the way I have done several of them at the same time to compare (I
used to write a food column).

Deep Frying is the best on so many different levels.

First - It totally frees up your oven.
Second - It is quick. LIKE REALLY QUICK!
Third - It is almost as juicy as a brined bird but without the weird
Fourth - Way more crispy skin.
Fifth - It isn't oily at all.

Down side - No drippings for gravy and the stuffing is pretty oily :) No
really don't do the stuffing in the bird if you are going to deep fry it was
a joke! 

We usually do a bird for Thanksgiving and save the oil for the weekend when
we do a big fish fry.

I usually do not fry it with the Cajun spices.

We roasted one for Canadian Thanksgiving this year and I have to say I was
longing for my deep fried turkey! Can't wait for American Thanksgiving. The
good thing about bi-national living arrangements is that you get turkey
every month from Oct. to Dec.


On 10/25/09 7:30 PM, "Antonia Calvo" <ladyadele at paradise.net.nz> wrote:

> Johnna Holloway wrote:
>> It also advertises using less oil means less waste " and healthier,
>> lower-fat recipes."
>> Is deep fried turkey ever a healthier low fat option?
> I don't even get what the appeal is... I think I'll just go on with
> roasting.

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