[Sca-cooks] Deep fried turkey and butter

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Oct 26 21:10:10 PDT 2009

Eduardo mentioned:
<<< Deep Frying is the best on so many different levels.

First - It totally frees up your oven.
Second - It is quick. LIKE REALLY QUICK!
Third - It is almost as juicy as a brined bird but without the weird
Fourth - Way more crispy skin.
Fifth - It isn't oily at all. >>>

One year my brother-in-law did one, and I agree. It was a wonderful  
turkey. The biggest problem is what to do with all that expensive oil.  
Eduardo has a partial solution with his fish fry. But if the only time  
you deep fry is for that one bird, it's an expensive problem. The oil  
ends up costing more than the bird!

But at least you get a great result. I don't understand why anyone  
would want to deep-fry butter, though. I thought that when it came  
over the radio about it being done at the Texas State Fair (about four  
hours north of me, in Dallas) and I still think that now. You might as  
well deep-fry Crisco!

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