[Sca-cooks] Drizzle of Honey

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 16:01:23 PDT 2009

I did not like it. A friend pushed me into reading the book and as one 
of you said it looked like a lot of modernized recipes. Also I did not 
get the point of someone be accused of practicing Judism because he made 
pork and beans for dinner or whatever.
Now my friend, deceased unfortunately, was an expert on the Spanish 
Inquisition. On the other hand from what he related to me was that the 
only dish he made well was chicken curry. As far as I know he did not 
try any of the Drizzle's recipes, nor have I. I much prefer trying the 
classical Spanish recipes from the 13th Century, Sent Sovi and Nola 
because then I know I am doing the real thing.

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