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Note to self...never reply to anything after taking 65mg. of Darvon.  I am 
sorry but that should have read .01 oz.. I will admit Pennzey's has better 
prices but HEB is just up the road from me and  my husband wanted Franch 
Toast made from my Saffron bread...(yes, it is nummy!) I will admit the 
recipe I use is not period but it is still acceptable.
A very conrtite Bertha
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> On Oct 27, 2009, at 7:34 PM, Marcha wrote:
>> I just replenished my stock of Saffron.  I buy Morton & Bassett for 
>> 12.99 for .01 grams at HEB.  Price has not fluctuated for a while. 
>> Probably not the best Saffron going but it works for me and no one  has 
>> complained about my Saffron Bread as yet.:)
>> Bertha
> .01 grams, as in 1/100th of a gram? That's pretty expensive... I'd  think 
> 1 gram at that price would be about right...
> Adamantius
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