[Sca-cooks] Saffron

Marcha nigsdaughter at satx.rr.com
Wed Oct 28 05:57:07 PDT 2009

Stefan...Yes to the being in San Antonio but it will probably be a little bit more time before I can go to events. Yule is looking really good and definitely anything after Jan.1st.

My recipe for French Toast is nothing special. It's just the way my Mother,  Grandmother, etc. made it.

Bread (preferably thick sliced)
Eggs (I use 6 eggs for 3 or more people) 
Evaporated milk (can't really afford real cream and I always use Carnation)
Freshly Ground Nutmeg to taste
Cinnamon (Do Not Omit)
1 tbs. of cornstarch (Adds a tiny bit of crispness)
dash of salt
Sugar (at least one tbs. or more to taste)
Butter (unsalted, of course) Amount depends on how much bread you are cooking.....
Layer sliced bread in a 9x11 pan. Mix all other ingredients together. (yes, it's a custard) Pour over bread.  Let bread soak while melting butter in pan. Saute the soaked bread until brown on both sides.  Enjoy with syrup or jam. (I prefer Applesauce) 

As I said...Saffron bread really, truly works well with this but Challah or any eggy bread will do nicely...Texas toast works well but is not as flavorful.

See you soon,

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