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Flower Essences are the energy essence of the plants- diluted with distilled water or bourbon and preserved with minute amounts of medicinal alchol.

They work on the nerves and brain activity instead of the organs like herbs do. 

Dr Bach did the research on the European Plants and Flowers and the Flower Essence Services (FES) company continued the research on the North and South American Botanicals.  They have also made Dr Bach's Rescue remedy and FES calls it 5 flower formula.  They also have animal rescue, a great treatment for ailing animals - all kinds.

Since they are bottled in this contry we don't have to worry about other countries packaging laws. And no import fees making them less expensive than Bach Brand.

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Bach Flower remedies are great- I use Rescue Remedy often for insomnia. Lots of info here- btw there are 38 remedies- Rescue Remedy is a combo one- you can choose to suit your personal characteristics. 
Suey wrote: 
> Stefan is telling me he does not know what Bach flowers are for. I had > a kitten who flew off the terrace, falling 12 stories down to his > death. Prior to that the vet gave him Bach flowers and later > prescribed drugs, something we never did. 
> I am sure you can explain the use of Bach flowers better than I - so > please do so - My understanding is that Back flowers are given to > humans to calm the nerves. Alcohol is included in the recipes. Those > prepared for animals are done by vets because the animals cannot stand > alcohol. So none is included. Further the prescription varies as per > the patient. I suppose that one patient would receive roses while > another daisies. Is that so? 
> Suey 
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