[Sca-cooks] Jewish Chop Suey

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Oct 29 20:56:01 PDT 2009

Cariadoc mentioned:
<<< You can actually do a little better than that, since there are  
recipes from non-Jewish cookbooks that claim to be Jewish. The
Andalusian, for instance, has:

Jewish Partridge

A Jewish Dish of Chicken

A Jewish Dish of Partridge

A Stuffed, Buried Jewish Dish

A Jewish Dish of Eggplants Stuffed with Meat >>>

Yes, it's probably better than going strictly from known non-Jewish  
period dishes, but I keep thinking that you're as likely to end up  
with Jewish Chop Suey or Egg Foo Yong. If I understand correctly both  
of those are American interpretations of Chinese food dishes and/or  
dishes created by Chinese immigrants limited by the ingredients they  
could find in their new land. Similar to the Moorish Chicken recipe,  
which contains pork.

What is this "Stuffed, Buried Jewish Dish"? If accurate, could this be  
a Jewish dish created to work around the restrictions of the Jewish  
sabbath, which Judith described? If so, would this give you another  
possible dish, Judith?

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