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I suspect that this may be a regional thing.  I know that in my childhood,
spent mostly in New Jersey (southern), Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia,
Delaware and West Virginia, large groups of kids went out in costumes trick
or treating.  As my birthday is very close to Hallowe'en, we usually had a
party around the day where we all wore costumes.  It may have existed
earlier, but I don't recall my parents ever mentioning anything about it.
My mother grew up in south Georgia and my father in the Shenandoah Valley of

But whatever...Hallowe'en is still one of my very favorite holidays!


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> Hullo, the list...
> <snippage>
> I'm wondering if I'm the only one here who remembers, either personally or
> via anecdotes from older friends and relatives, the concept of dressing as
> "tramps" and going "begging for Thanksgiving". Both my parents spoke of
> this; Halloween was for pranks (things like stockings full of chalk or baby
> powder or flour, with which to harmlessly whack the unwary traveller), but
> Thanksgiving was for dressing up and going door to door.
> I wonder if perhaps the practice died out in the Great Depression, when
> many American households in some parts of the country experienced far too
> much of this sort of thing from people who were doing it in earnest to
> survive...
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