[Sca-cooks] Bananas

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sun Aug 1 07:11:01 PDT 2010

Actually, this can be a great commercial strategy. If you have the
sole source of a novelty product that has good potential demand, you
can charge quite a bit for it. In fact, this is the current situation
in Alaska for a lot of their local fruit and vegetable production. One
of our family friends has acres under glass.


I was referring to the problems of transportation and care in the Age of Sail.  
However, your customers need to know what you are selling and be willing to pay 
for it.  The bananas in London in 1633 were definitely a curiosity, but whether 
they were a commercial success is another matter.

When I was in Alaska most of our fruits and vegetables came in by Skyfreighter.  
Locally grown from the Matanuska Valley was better, but demand was too high and 
the growing season too short.  Even with acres of greenhouses, I suspect that 
most of the tropical fruits come in by air.


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