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Master Cariadoc gave the original and his redaction of the Khushkananaj in al-Baghdadi.

<<< Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 00:27:23 -0400
From: "=?utf-8?b?RGF2aWQgRnJpZWRtYW4=?=" <ddfr at daviddfriedman.com> >>>

Did you change your name recently> This looks totally unpronounceable. Perhaps you need to check your email settings.

<<< I've been making it for twenty or thirty
years. It didn't occur to me that it had any connection with cuskynoles. >>>

Thank you for the reminder that this is an ongoing process and that all of us, no matter how expert, can still learn things even in our area of specialization.

From the recipe:
<<< When ready to bake, take the filled pastries from the tray one by one,
wipe their backs with water, enough to make them sticky, and stick them
all to the inner wall of the tannur, taking care not to let them fall
down. >>>

Are all foods cooked in the tannur cooked this way, stuck to the walls? This would really seem to restrict what you can cook in a tannur. Or is meat, in particular, cooked differently? I seem to remember having some tannur cooked chicken.

<<< .4 lb almonds: about 1 ? c
.8 lb sugar =1.6 cups
3 ounces bread crumbs: 7/8 c
1 ? T rose water
edible camphor : about 1/3 gram
1 ? lb semolina: 3 c scant
1 T sourdough
? c sesame oil
water: About ? c
Gum arabic: t dissolved in ? c water

Combine semolina, sesame oil. Stir in sourdough dissolved in water. 
Leave about 5 hours to rise. Grind almonds. Grind camphor in mortar, 
combined with bread crumbs and rose water, spread out to dry fifteen 
minutes or so. Add sugar and bread crumbs to almonds, mix. Take a ball 
of dough about 1 ? inches in diameter, press and roll out to an oval 
about 5"x4", put T + of filling in the middle, fold along the long axis 
as a crescent, press out air. >>>

Argh. We seem to have lost some fractions here. Both in the ingredient list and in the recipe. Please, what are they?

<<< Put a baking stone in the oven, heat oven to 350 degrees. Brush each crescent
with water, put wet side down on baking stone, bake about 25-30 minutes
until they start to brown. >>>

Do you cook these at home and then bring them to the war? Or in an oven at the War? If the former, then I guess these keep well? And do you serve them warmed up or room temperature?  I've been to some of your bardic fires, so I assume the latter, but I can't remember specifically whether I've had this treat there or not.

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