[Sca-cooks] mosserouns florys (DC # 55) / and copyright issues

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Mon Aug 2 11:13:01 PDT 2010

> I had found a little confusing (the other was for mosserouns  
> yflourys, which appears to be an egg-yolk-gilded, grilled mushroom  
> dish

55   Mosserouns florys: in rost ysih hou gentiliche & sone.
Veorst (th)ou schalt maken riht wel passen, & so(th)(th)en in water
cold cast larde cold; make bringen & oneliche hewen; (th)enne 
nym sone (th)e musseruns, lardes coynteliche wi(th) larduns. Make 
as were vor to swerden & so(th)(th)en aske a god roste. Nou inoh 
is (th)e mes in rost, of ayren do awey (th)e qwyt. Sone on (th)e 
gredil riht veyre floris speces. Nym & caste gilofre & kanel; 
wi(th)innen meddlen. 
(Hieatt/Butler, p. 55 = DC # 55)

Hieatt/Butler p. 200: "_make bringen_ is one of several phrases in I 55 we 
cannot explain". 

At least, one is in good company in not fully understanding the recipe.


BTW, I assume, that it is legal to post single recipes from a copyrighted 
edition. Is the text of the edition of 1985 still under copyright? The 
commentary, introduction etc. certainly is.

There is a Russian translation of ms. BL Add. 32085, it includes the 1986 text, 
edited by Hieatt/Jones:




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