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On 8/4/2010 2:14 AM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Liutgard replied to my comment of:
> <<<  That kingdom [Gleann Ahbann] seems to go nuts over bacon. There was a recent feast there that had bacon in *every* dish. I commented that that might not be the best of ideas, to have the same ingredient in every dish, and a few folks echoed that, but I think it fell on deaf ears.
> Stefan>>>
> With:
> <  Stefan... you clearly have not been to An Tir... ;-)>
> Nope. Unfortunately, not.
> Meaning An Tirians also adore bacon?
Good god, yes! It is even a featured food at vigils these days! (NOT 
MINE THOUGH!) We even decorate our maple bars with bacon! I hear they've 
been trying to make liquor with bacon! (*bleah!*)

Gunthar needs to come visit (Sport of Kings, dude!). He's break his diet 
and we'd be forced to keep him!

> Or put something else in every dish?
Nah, we're generally more creative than that. There was however, many 
years ago, a feast of infamy that became known as the 'Rabbit T*** 
Feast' because there was raisins in EVERYTHING. I was really hungry, and 
I just couldn't do it...

Haven't seen/heard of anything like that in decades though.

> Or headcooks do a good job in An Tir on making feasts that most people can eat?
Generally, yes. Most of them at the least avoid modern foods, and many 
make a pretty good attempt at period recipes. It's been quite some time 
since I stopped for food on the way home from a feast.

>   Or I totally missed something here?
> Stefan

No more than usual, Stefan. :-)


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