[Sca-cooks] Bacon and food trends

Michael Gunter dookgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 4 10:00:20 PDT 2010

I kind of find the whole "Bacon Frenzy" a bit sad and amusing.
It's with all the constant trends to be the latest and greatest.
Sure, I like bacon, but this frenzy has gotten to be just a current
excess fad.
Remember when a restaurant was considered amazingly radical
because it served...gasp!....pork belly! And it was good.
Now you can't go anywhere without seeing it on the menu.
The same goes for foams. When first done it was a revalation and
now it is trite and I'll be thrilled to see THAT fad go away.
Sous Vide was new and radical and now it is so common and really
doesn't do that great unless in the hands of a master. 
Watching shows like "Top Chef" where creativity is supposed to be
the hallmark and watching them come up with predictable trendy
dishes is sad. How many times must I see someone sear a scallop
or put a foam on something or butter poach lobster? I'd far rather
see one of these contestants stick with tried and true preparations
and do them perfectly than try to jazz it up with bacon or a foam.
It was telling when one of the competitions had the chefs prepare a
"Last Meal" for some of the top cooking personages in the world and
all of them wanted something simple, homey and comfort food.
Were I a great cook and had to present to Gordon Ramsay a signature
dish it would be a simple perfectly roasted chicken with wild mushroom
sauce and herbed polenta. 
Bacon is wonderful and tasty but I'll be happy when the craze subsides
and it no longer is considered the main course.

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