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Everything Master A said. I pulled my facsimile  of the 1591 A Bookk  
of Cookye off the shelf and it's on page 17 located after
To bake a pigge and To bake Chickins.

Here's an even more abbreviated recipe from Thomas Dawson's Good  
Huswifes Jewell

To bake a Gammon of Bacon to kepe cold.
YOu must first boyle him a quarter of an houre before you stuffe him,  
and stuffe him with swéete hearbes and harde Egges chopped together,  
or Parsely.

The countess of Kent urges that you must boil it two hours before  

Here's a later  more detailed recipe from 1675:

113. To bake a Gammon of Bacon.
Water it fresh enough, and seeth it as tender as you may to handle it,  
then pull off the skin, and stuff it with Parsley, Penny-royal, Thyme,  
Marjoram, Marigolds, Camomile, and Sage, chop them small, and season  
them with Salt and Pepper, Cloves, small Raisins, Yolks of Eggs hard  
Roasted; then stuff your Ba|con, and cut off the Lean of the Bacon,  
and mince it small, and take a handful of your stuffing, and mingle it  
with three or four Yolks of raw Eggs, and then put it upon the Gammon,  
then close on the skin again, and close it in Paste.

The Accomplish'd lady's delight in preserving, physick, beautifying,  
and cookery.


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