[Sca-cooks] A Feast Menu for Commentary

Barbara Benson voxeight at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 06:23:17 PDT 2010

> Johnnae> It's rather all over the place and all over the time from the 10th century
> through the 16th century, from papal courts to the Ottoman Courts, but I
> gather that is what you wanted.

Not exactly what I wanted - but seems to be what works. I am kinda
twitchy about it being all over but I tested so many dishes that were
just complete flops that I am sticking with stuff that tastes really

> You mentioned this is a feast for the investiture of a lovely couple with
> 16th century Turkish personas.
> Do they like it? Is there anything they would like?

They have reviewed it and seem to be happy with the plan.

> You mention At the Table of the Grand Turc but have you looked at
> Yerasimos, Marianna 500 Years Of Ottoman Cuisine ISBN : 9752301614
> Publisher : Boyut Yayın in İstanbul. 2005?

I had not found that one - I will see about ILL

> There were a number of other books suggested in late March and April, so
> looking at some of those now might be worthwhile. You'll have a different
> perspective after having done some work on the feast by this point.

You are right. hmmmmm.

> You could on adding a subtletie or Ottoman sugarwork? Would that be
> something you could do or contract out?

I really want to do some sugar work - but I have no idea how to go
about it. I am familiar with sugar paste and such but have come across
no descriptions as to how the Ottoman's did sugar work. I have a bunch
of pictures of the parade of sugar from the Suleyman's sons
circumcision celebration and I know exactly what I want to do (the new
Baroness has a thing for elephants). But the how is causing me

Was the sugar molded? Carved? Blown? I don't even know where to look
to figure that out.

Thank you for your time and thoughts. This feast has me all tense and
turned around.



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