[Sca-cooks] A Feast Menu for Commentary

Barbara Benson voxeight at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 14:59:25 PDT 2010

> What is a "bouget"?  I looked for a definition on the web and found nothing.
>  Is it "bucket" or "bouquet"?

So sorry, the Herald in me came out. A water bouget is the thingie
that allows one to carry two buckets of water at the same time - like
a yoke that goes over the shoulder and you hang buckets off both sides
to keep you balanced. As with most heraldry it is highly stylized on
the device - but based on an actual item.

>>Will the sugar paste harden enough to be able to stick out from the
>>side as ears a trunk and a bouget that could hang?
> One consideration is that until the sugar paste dries, gravity will pull it
> down and distort the shape, even possibly pulling it away from the body.
>  Think of some options... For example, form the ears separately with perhaps
> toothpicks in the part that would attach to the head.  Let the ear dry,
> possibly draped over something to provide a lifelike curve or shape.  Then,
> when the head is ready, poke the dry ears into it in the proper place.  You
> might want to put a support under the dry ear to keep the toothpicks (or
> whatever) from pulling out of the moist head. Once dry, everything should
> hang together.

I had been thinking about forming the paste around some wire that
would stick out of the dried piece and that I could then use to attach
to the main body of the elephant. My plan was to make all of the
pieces separately so that they have time to dry and are less likely to

> Depending on how large/heavy the ears are, you could also attach them (when
> fully dry) with egg white, again providing support until the egg white has
> dried them on.

The egg white certainly sounds doable. Thank you for the tip.

>You could hang the "whatever" from the ears with cord/gold
> string/etc.  How well the ears would support them might be a factor of how
> the ears were attached, how thick the base of the ear is next to the body,
> how heavy the contents of the "whatever" are.

The bouget would go over the shoulders of the elephant - but it might
be funny to give the elephant earrings.

> The elephant could also suspend something from its trunk; could have gilded
> tusks; could have a "howdah" on its back with trinkets or treats in it.  (It
> could also leave behind a pile of edible sugar poop!)

I would have never thought of the "poop" that would be hysterical. I
will look up depictions of a howdah, that also had not occurred to me.
Now, what could I hang off of the trunk? More thinking is necessary.



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