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I haven't seen any information on the actual size of the volume, however, 
this edition of the Epulario is an Elizabethean quarto.  That means the book 
consists of single sheets of paper being folded twice to produce four leaves 
(8 pages).  The common height for quarto editions 11 to 12 inches high and 8 
or 9 inches wide, but keep in mind that actual standardization of publishing 
sizes is a 19th Century "thang" and Elizabethean quartos have some 
variation.  The printing is Black Letter.  The number of  pages is 80 
(according to the EEBO catalog).  A modern printing by the EEBO runs 88 


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I am desperately trying to find out the original size and other details
about ³The Epulario².
I know that the microfilm is in Early English Books, but I do not have any
information on the original book.
Does anyone know these details?
The information from the title page is below.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Italian Banquet:
Wherein is showed the maner how to dresse and
prepare all kinds of Flesh, Floules or Fishes.

As also how to make Sauces, Tartes, Pies, &c.  After the
maner of all Countries.

With an addition of many other profitable and ne-
cessary things.

Translated out of Italian and into English.

Printed by A.I. for William Barley, and are to
bee sold at his shop in Gratious street,
neere Leaden-hall

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