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I have my mother's recipe (source unknown) and I have never had any homemade or store or bakery bought ones that came even close to that sensational texture and crackled surface of my own.  True snickerdoodles are balls of dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar before baking.  They spread out on their own, puff up a bit and the surface cracks open, then they flatten out a but.  They can be baked to a very nice crisp or left a little softer, but they never get more than a tiny touch of brown.  They are addictive.  I now make the dough balls and freeze them.  I keep a jar of the cinnimon/sugar mix and when I get the craving I take out 4-6 and roll them in it and carefully bake them.  YUM.  Which reminds me, the freezer is bare.........
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> <<< Huzzah! Its National Snickerdoodle Day (in the US)
> -- 
> Someone sometimes called Urtatim >>>
> And what is a "Snickerdoodle"?
> I've had some cookies sold as "snickerdoodles" but I'm not sure if they were the Real Thing (TM) or not.
> They had a sprinkling of brown sugar(?) on top and were softer cookies.
> Stefan
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