[Sca-cooks] Times Square, was re Pop Tart Sushi Re: Pop Tarts Sushi in NYC [ewww]

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 11 09:40:56 PDT 2010

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
> On Aug 10, 2010, at 4:48 PM, Christiane wrote:
>> Places where I have eaten lunch in Manhattan; keep in mind that with the exception of the Turkish restaurant, these were all chosen by business associates to impress me or they were convenient to their offices:
>> Mesa Grill (was not impressed)
> Ah, yes, I interned at Mesa for a short time in 1991 or so, hated every second of it, and they had this executive chef there, an obnoxious kid who was like somebody who was wearing chef's clothes he had found in the attic and was prancing around in front of the full-length mirror he had found, covered with a bedsheet. Bobby something... Oh, that's right. Guy named Flay, if memory serves. Bobby ("I really am a real chef, you know, I'm not kidding!") Flay. When he was the chef at the tiny, laid-back Mesquite Grill, he apparently showed some talent.
> Not surprised if you weren't impressed. I doubt he's done any cooking there recently, but he still owns part of it, I understand... can't say the guy doesn't have a talent for making money or promoting himself.

One of my guilty favorites on Fud Network is "Throwdown" or, watch Bobby 
Flay get his ass handed to him by a local chef who actually knows his 
own specialty.  Heh.  Has Bobby ever won one of those challenges or have 
I just been lucky?
>> Trattoria dell'Arte (homemade and Buffalo milk mozzarellas on the antipasti menu, yum yum yum)
Been here!  It was across from my late auntie's co-op, right near 
Carnegie Hall.  I got a kick out of the Commedia Dell'Arte decor and 
pictures of Noses. 

I need to make a trip out there one of these days.  Before anything else 
closes or anyone else dies on me.


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