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Ranvaig said:

<<< I want to try the Rumpolt recipe for dried peaches.  Rather than 
putting them in the sun (its raining hard right now) or using a 
dehydrator, I thought of turning my oven to warm for awhile, then 
turning it off and putting in the peaches, on a rack over a sheet pan 
Does that seem like it would work? >>>

Maybe this is assumed, but you will want to slice the peaches and not try to dry them whole or in too big of pieces. Of course this is probably more important when doing it in the sun than in the oven. This file in the FOOD section of the Florilegium does discuss drying things in the oven rather than in a purpose made dehydrator.

drying-foods-msg (58K) 1/29/08 Drying foods in period and for the SCA.

<<< And Peach Latweg (also from Rumpolt)
 Make peach preserve also therefore/ and press the peaches/ like this 
you are going to press a good juice from it/ boil it quickly away/ 
and take not much sugar/ like this it is also a beautiful preserve/ 
becomes beautiful clear juice/ good and well tasting. >>>


My guess is to squeeze/press the peaches to get the juice out and then boil it down and add sugar and toss the peach fruit. Is this correct? Or are you supposed to do something with the pulp?

<<< Any other favorite peach recipes to recommend? >>>

Perhaps this file might be of interest. In the FOOD-FRUITS section:

peaches-msg (29K) 4/18/10 Medieval peaches and peach recipes.

And in the BEVERAGES section:
Peach-Brandy-art (12K) 10/25/01 "Peach Coriander Brandy" by Lady Constance de LaRose.

I think there is also a peach pie recipe in the fruit-pies-msg file.

Did you get any of the leaves with the peaches or just the fruit? If you did get some leaves, remember that "if you squeeze the juice from peach leaves, that will kill the worm in the ears if you drip it in."

Eberhard-art (91K) 6/29/05 A 15th century German recipe collection translated by Giano Balestriere.

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