[Sca-cooks] Invitation to Vote

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 15:05:28 PDT 2010

  This is an invitation to vote for Vichuquen - nothing more. I hope 
this is admissable as it is not a fund raiser.
Due to the earthquake, marathons and other bicentennial events are 
taking place all over Chile to raise funds for 15 areas or pueblos to 
restore historical monuments. Vichuquen is a small colonial pueblo close 
to the worst hit areas in the country.
The video
although in Spanish, it depicts how the earthquake really hurt the 
pueblo and later the water from the lake rushed in, climbing to the roof 
tops, adding to the destruction to the only school in the area and more 
Vichuquen is a 425 year old colonial town. Many colonial homes, 
historical monuments, are owned by the poor who do not have insurance. 
Of these homes some have been condemned to be torn down. If Vichuquen 
receives funding from the bicentennial program the enchantment of the 
pueblo can be preserved. If not, the poor will have to sell to 
constructors who in all probability will not respect the historical 
ambiance of the town.
Our neighbors in Santiago who own a colonial homes in the center of the 
town have been told it will take three years to repair theirs as per  
their insurance and estimates of the damage. As I, they are historians 
and we do not want the 'Grapes of Wrath' entering - destroying the 
historical beauty of the pueblo.
We all ask you to vote for Vichuquen as the icon of the Region of Maule 
in the Bicentennial Competition called "Classicals of the Bicentennial." 
It is vital for all  in Vichuquen that the town receives help as it is a 
very small town and isolated.
To vote for VICHUQUEN go to: <www.15clasicosdechile.cl>
Click on VOTA!
Click on: Region de Maule
Click on: Pueblo de Vichuquen
In the box Nombre completo: type your full name
In Correo Electronico: type you email address
Below the Security Code type the letters you see
Click on Vota!
Your vote is all that is wanted. It will show your appreciation for 
Chile to recognize the worth of its patrimony and the historical value 
of its monuments.
Please, if you feel moved, send this message on to your friends. Every 
vote is essential for Vichuquen!!!
Many, many thanks,

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