[Sca-cooks] Cooking methods for carrots

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Thu Aug 19 11:28:05 PDT 2010

On 8/19/2010 7:16 AM, David Walddon wrote:
> There are actually multiple "recipes" in Platina for Carrots.
> Below is the analysis from the paper I gave at RSA on the first five books
> of De Honesta and the ³recipes² contained within them.
<snip of good stuff>

Very interesting info, Eduardo- thank you.

Interestingly, one of the conjectural Frankish dishes I did at Egils was 
a carrot dish, of roughly equal parts carrots, parsnips, and fennel, 
briefly sauteed in butter and then braised with broth. I think there was 
parsley in it. (Kelly might remember but she's not on the list.) It was 
basically my rerun of something that Countess Morwyn did years ago, and 
when I asked her about it, she couldn't remember where she found it. We 
thought it was one of the Italian cookbooks, but neither of us could 
find it. But it was delicious!


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