[Sca-cooks] OT: How to destroy a book

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 11:54:13 PDT 2010

  Many of my friends think it a sin to destroy a book. I think this is 
correct in reference to Inquisitions but not in reference to authors who 
change history for their "history." For example Nacho Ares' book "El 
Retracto" (The Portrait) contains numerous historical events changed to 
suit his cowboy moving novel, such as Christopher Marlowe killed Alvaro 
Bazan, the captain general of the Invincible Armada, who in fact died of 
syphilis when in port in Lisbon before the fleet took off for England. 
Then his classmate at Cambridge, Robert Cecil, was in his father's 
governmental position ten years before the fact and instead of being a 
spy for the same service as Marlowe, he acts as a counter spy revealing 
Marlow's movements in Spain and France to Madrid. It really gets me how 
history is deformed to accommodate the author's script. I think it a sin 
not to destroy this text.

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