[Sca-cooks] bretzel, bread and lye oh my

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Mon Aug 23 15:12:11 PDT 2010


>> bread known in 12th century France.  I can't exactly remember the number

>> but 22 is sticking in my head. 
> There were at least 80 types of bread known in 1st Century Rome 
> ands since many of the bakers came from Gaul, I suspect 22 may be 
> a little low.

Could you please expand a bit on the criteria used in distinguishing 80 types of 
bread. Type of grain? Size? Form? Type of preparation? Ingredients? 
Combinations? What else? Where are they listed?

> Semmel can be either fine wheat flour or a roll made from fine wheat flour.
> When your're dealing with Latin, it can mean anything 
> made with fine wheat flour.

I do not recall that german "Semmel" means "fine wheat flour".

In my understanding, "Semmel" is not a Latin word, how can it mean something in 

I fear I am missing something here. Please forgive.



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