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emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Mon Aug 23 17:05:27 PDT 2010

Last message for a while:

The Anglo-Norman Dictionary is online. E.g., there is an entry on:




From some of the articles one gets to online sources like this:


which mention merchandise and food stuff that were traded 


Karke de peivere
Kark de zucre
Kark de comyn
Karke alemaundes
Karke de brasille
Karke dargent vif
Kark de gingivre
Kark de cetewale
Kark de lycorys 
Kark de lak
Kark de spicerie
Kark de vermiloun
Kark de glasce
Karke de figes
Kark de reysins
Karke de symak
Karke de soufre
Karke de yvoire
Kark de canelle
Kark de ensens
Karke de 1 pyoine
Karke de anys
Karke de dates
Kark de chestaine
Karke de orpyment
Karke de oille dolive
Karke de 2 gingebred
Karke de rys


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