[Sca-cooks] Cheezy doughnuts

Glenn Gorsuch ggorsuch at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 17:32:33 PDT 2010

Earlier this year I did a redaction for Samartard (from, if I remember
right, A Noble Booke off Cookerie), which was essentially a
funnel-cake/deep-fried snack-y thing, that uses fresh cheese in the batter,
and is sprinkled with sugar.  Pretty tasty, even if the cheese wasn't
overwhelmingly present flavor-wise.  And I seem also to recall a recipe from
Sabrina Welserin that is a battered, fried piece of cheese...so it's a
pretty common idea, deep frying cheezy goodness.

Which cheese to use is a toughie.  Most fresh cheeses, if formed into a
solid piece, don't melt well, so if your mujabbana is supposed to have a
solid lump o' cheese, I'd go with that--they're quick and easy enough to
make with whatever animal's milk you are justified in using.  If you think
it's supposed to be crumbled into the dough, again those fresh cheeses are
pretty crumbly.  If you think it's supposed to be melty, well, I don't know
enough about cheeses of that part of the world that ARE melty to guess.


> He also gives in this article a period recipe by the traveler Abdalbasit
> ibn Halil for a fried cheese doughnut called mujabbana, which I am going to
> try making. What are your theories as to the "piece of cheese" placed in the
> middle of the cheesy dough?
> Mmmm, cheesy doughnuts ...
> YIS,
> Adelisa de Salernum

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