[Sca-cooks] Market Gardens

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 15:23:47 PDT 2010

  A US friend of mine has a home and garden space. She is totally 
frustrated cause she thought retiring at age 60 between social security 
and her stocks, she would be fine. The recession came and she and her 
boyfriend of some 30 years lost everything. So he too is going crazy 
trying to find challenging work for his level of education. Today I saw 
this article: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/share-your-garden.html 
The woman seems to be letting others help her produce food on her 
property and they share the profits.
I am proposing to my friend that she rents out her plots. That way if it 
is a bad season she does not loose and if it a good season she not gain, 
i.e. she has a steady income without working. So the only things she 
needs to know is how much she can charge per plot plus water included 
and how big is the plot. She lives in Kingsland, Texas where the 
Colorado and the Llano Rivers meet. It is just outside of Austin on the 
Does anyone have any advise so that she can turn this into reality? Her 
garden is going to pot cause she is an editor and now its books. As long 
as she cannot leave that, she cannot attend her garden or her house. I 
suppose you all know the hell of book datelines >:o !!! -
Thank you for any and all advise,

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