[Sca-cooks] Bronze Cookware

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The brazier and candle sticks they have look rather nice and quite usable as 
the do not have to be food safe.


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> They may do bronze ware but they do so with this warning
> WARNING!!                 Do NOT use Bronze for Cooking!!
> Although the items cast in Bronze look wonderful and, truth to tell  are 
> more historically accurate for early periods, you MUST NOT use  them for 
> cooking if you're going to eat the food.
> The bronze is an alloy containing mainly copper and tin, but also has  up 
> to 5% lead and does NOT conform to modern cookware requirements.
> Please be aware that there is a serious risk of VERDIGRIS poisoning  from 
> the copper and lead is not something you want to be ingesting  either.
> Only use cast-iron if you're going to consume the food you make; if 
> you're demonstrating then Bronze is fine.
> ----
> They actually endorse using aluminum in another place on their site 
> because it weighs less.

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