[Sca-cooks] Problems with frictelle

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Sun Aug 29 09:48:50 PDT 2010

None of the Martino Manuscript sources (including Platina) are specific in
the amount of fat that is used in frying any of the frictelle recipes but
most of them imply that there is some amount of fat (and it seems to be
liquid) used in making them.
There are quite a few frictelle recipes in the collection.

On 8/29/10 9:39 AM, "David Friedman" <ddfr at daviddfriedman.com> wrote:

> Platina's recipe has you frying them in oil as well.
>> Is it a question of the rice being used and the starch?
>> So, what happens if you take regular cooked rice and make a fritter?
>> Would it work better with a long grained white rice?
>> Modern versions seem to drop into hot frying oil and fry them like a
>> modern fritter.
>> They come out looking like small rounded balls.
>> http://www.tuscanrecipes.com/recipes/frittelle-di-riso.html
>> The Gillian Riley translation for this recipe instructs
>> "Using a spoon, make your
>> fritters small or big, as you please, frying them in
>> good lard or well-ripened butter."
>> (from the Octavo cd-rom Martino's Libro de arte coquinaria)
>> So in fact frying them in a good quantity of oil might be indicated.
>> They certainly wouldn't
>> stick in that case.
>> Johnnae
>> On Aug 29, 2010, at 9:14 AM, Claire Clarke wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Having some issues with my frictelle de riso. The first time I tried them I
>>> only had one egg in the house, and I thought that might be enough, also I
>>> didn't cook the rice for quite long enough. They were a bit of a mess really
>>> and stuck very badly in the pan. So the next time I put more eggs in, and
>>> cooked the rice properly. But if anything, they stuck worse. So I got out
>>> the non-stick frying pan (to which I otherwise have an aversion), and they
>>> worked reasonably well in that. So while I have functional fritters, I don't
>>> really have them functional via a period method (ye olde mediaeval Teflon).
>> snipped
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