[Sca-cooks] Smoked and Pickled: Sources and Recipes?

Mark Hendershott crimlaw at jeffnet.org
Mon Aug 30 11:38:32 PDT 2010

perhaps something like the Italian Bresaola.  Recipes can be found on 
line, basically beef (or horse) marinated in a brine with herbs & 
wine then air dried.  I made some using a modern recipe and it seems 
like it would keep a long time even without refrigeration.  Haven't 
looked for period recipes though it is one of those things one would 
suspect has a long history.

Simon Sinneghe
Briaroak, Summits, An Tir

At 09:19 AM 8/30/2010, you wrote:
>A long time ago, Elizabeth and I concluded that a cooler at Pennsic 
>was not only out of period but a nuisance, and stopped using one. 
>That pushed us into looking for period ways of keeping food for a 
>week or so without refrigeration.
>The simplest is to use things, such as lentils or cheese or flour, 
>that don't require refrigeration for that length of time. Another 
>approach is pickling; we have one pickled meat recipe that we have 
>sometimes used for the purpose, and I brought pickled eggplant from 
>al-Warraq this year. Last night, inspired by some recent posts here, 
>I pickled some eggs--in a few weeks I'll see how they are.
>A third approach is smoking. One can get hard sausages that keep 
>without refrigeration, although most of them have pork, making them 
>unsuited to my (muslim) persona. Does anyone have sources for smoked 
>meat or fish that will keep? Most modern smoked food seems to be 
>smoked only for flavor, and not enough for preservation.
>Other ideas, experiences, recipes, and sources?

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