[Sca-cooks] Period fancy butters?

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Tue Aug 31 14:45:44 PDT 2010

Scappi does this also with some differences. Scully translates it as:

144. To prepare butter vermicelli.
Get fresh butter, which will be much better in May than in any other  
month, and
put it through a syringe, splashing it with rosewater as it comes out.  
Serve it with finely ground sugar on it. page 590
Then he goes into what to do if the butter is older which goes into  
mixing it with boiled egg yolks and lots of sugar.


On Aug 31, 2010, at 5:18 PM, CHARLES POTTER wrote:

> This one is from the 1549 Banchetti/Libro Novo by Christoforo  
> Messisbugo.
>                                         Vermicelli di Butiro
>     Pigliarai butiro fresco, e lo lavarai con acqua fresca piu  
> volte, e l' ultima lavatura sera acqua rosata con zuccaro.
> Poi haverai uno cannone di latta, o di legno buso, a guisa d' un  
> serizzotto, ma che habbi il fondo piatto con tre o quattro
> buchi dentro, poi farai il cannone quasi pieno di butiro, e haverai  
> un legno che vada ben serrato nel detto cannone, e lo
> cazzarai nel detto cannone, et il butiero vscira fuori per i bucchi  
> del fondo, e serrano vermicelli, i quali andarai imbandendo
> ne i piattelli, dandoli poi di sopra zuccaro fino.
>                                           Little Worms of Butter
>      You shall take fresh butter and you shall wash it with fresh  
> water many times, and the last washing shall be rose water
> with sugar.  Then you shall take a tube of tin or of hollow wood, in  
> the guise of a cane (or reed for blowing up balloons
> or bladders), but that has the flat bottom with three or four holes  
> inside.  Then you shall make the tube nearly filled with
> butter, and you shall take a wood (rod) that goes well enclosed in  
> named tube, and you shall punch (or push) in named tube
> and the butter shall go outside the holes in the bottom, and they  
> shall be worms (of butter), which shall go to the banquet in the  
> small platters, giving them on top fine (ground) sugar.
> Is this amusing or what?
>                                             Master B

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